Departments and Institutes

Department of Adapted Physical Activities

Activity of this department is based on the understanding of physical activity as an instrument of socializing and maintaining a balance between the subjective feeling of physical and mental health. Adapted Physical Activities (APA) are focused on a wide range of disabilities and the department employees are, among other things, concerned with the creation and evaluation of APA programmes, the lifestyle of the disabled or physical activities of the elderly.  The department offers three study programmes: Adapted Physical Activity, Adapted Physical Education, as well as Civil Protection which provides higher education to the members of emergency services. The study programmes listed above are also offered to students with special education needs. Furthermore, APA Centre, being also part of the department, organizes the practical activities.

Department Staff

Department of Physiotherapy

The department guarantees a three-year bachelor programme and the subsequent 2-year master programme in Physiotherapy. Students are being prepared for their future jobs in rehabilitation centres, rehabilitation institutions, institutions of physiotherapy and pain treatment, spas, sanatoriums and other medical institutions. The content of the study in the areas of Kinesiotherapy and Physical Therapy is primarily focused on the diagnostic and therapy of functional and organic disorders of locomotor and nervous systems and on the treatment of painful conditions of these systems. RRR Centre – the centre for the treatment of these conditions and a base for both the teaching staff and students of the department – is a medical facility located in the main building of the faculty.

Department of Natural Sciences in Kinanthropology

The department provides the classes and research in the field of Kinanthropology, which is closely related to biomedicine, physical disciplines and human motor activities. Some examples of the basic courses guaranteed by this department are Anatomy, Antropomotorics, Biophysics, Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology or Somatodiagnostics. These are among the core courses in most study programmes offered by the faculty. The scientific research of the department is focused on application outputs on both primary and secondary prevention of health concerning various groups of population. Specialized laboratories (Antropomotorical, Biomechanical and Physiological) are equipped with modern equipment, offering the possibility for testing to not only the top-level athletes, but also others interested.

Department Staff

Prof. Miroslav JanuraE: miroslav.janura@upol.czT: 585 636 400
head of the departmentOffice: NB 222
Zdeněk Svoboda, Ph.D.E: zdenek.svoboda@upol.czT: 585 636 414
deputy headOffice: NB 217M: 777 160 744
Miroslava ŠubováE: miroslava.subova@upol.czT: 585 636 401
secretaryOffice: NB 221

| academic staff

| non-academic staff

| Ph.D. students – full-time form of study

Shaheera AjmalE: shaheera.ajmal01@upol.czOffice: NB 112
Kamila BanátováE: kamila.banatova01@upol.czOffice: NB 112
Hana BednáříkováE: hana.bednarikova01@upol.czOffice:
Lucia BizovskáE: lucia.bizovska@upol.czOffice: NB 217
Markéta HamříkováE: marketa.hamrikova01@upol.czOffice: NB 213
Světlana HrachovinováE: svetlana.hrachovinova01@upol.czOffice:
Pavlína KalčíkováE: pavlina.kalcikova01@upol.czOffice: NB 212
Tereza KaplanováE: tereza.kaplanova@upol.czOffice:
Tomáš KleinE: tomas.klein01@upol.czOffice: NB 213
Eliška KuboňováE: eliska.kubonova@upol.czOffice:
Ondřej LaštovičkaE: ondrej.lastovicka01@upol.czOffice: NA 147
Petr LinduškaE: petr.linduska01@upol.czOffice: NB 212
Tomáš MacounE: tomas.macoun02@upol.czOffice:
Pavel MarekE: pavel.marek02@upol.czOffice: NB 212
Mirka MusilováE: mirka.musilova01@upol.czOffice:
Denisa NohelováE: denisa.nohelova01@upol.czOffice: NB 212
Lukáš OndraE: lukas.ondra01@upol.czOffice: NA 129
Karolína OřechovskáE: karolina.orechovska01@upol.czOffice: NA 156
Javad SarvestanE: javad.sarvestan01@upol.czOffice: NB 112
Barbora SládečkováE: barbora.sladeckova@upol.czOffice: NA 238
Alena Svobodová E: alena.svobodova@upol.czOffice: NB 112
Michal ValentaE: michal.valenta@upol.czOffice: HYN 6L
Svatoslav ValentaE: svatoslav.valenta01@upol.czOffice: NA 408
Ludvík ValtrE: ludvik.valtr@upol.czOffice: NB 215
Vendula ZbořilováE: vendula.zborilova01@upol.czOffice: NB 212

| Ph.D. students - part-time form of study

Michaela BátorováE:
Tereza KaplanováE:
Radek KleiblE:
Tomáš MacounE:
Martina MalotováE:
Anita MůčkováE:
Veronika SmutkováE:
Milena VagajaE:
Jan ZemánekE:

Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies

Lifestyle Management, Sport and Recreation Management or Pedagogy of Leisure, these are just some of the directions that our students can choose to follow. Our department provides education and training to future experts on healthy lifestyle and it attempts to address issues concerning the growing importance of leisure time for a person as well as the entire society. Besides the bachelor and master programme Recreation and Leisure Studies, the department also guarantees a Recreation and Leisure Studies module for the Adapted Physical Activities programme, as well as Sport Management module for the students of Coaching and Sport Management programme. Our research is aimed at active lifestyle and recreation and leisure time, with the focus on managerial and economic aspects, tourism, experiential learning and education in nature and support of physical activities as well as health.

Department Staff

Zdeněk Hamřík, Ph.D.E: zdenek.hamrik@upol.czT: 585 636 250
head of the departmentOffice: NC 324
Michal Kudláček, Ph.D.E: michal.kudlacek@upol.czT: 585 636 254
deputy headOffice: NC 314
Pavlína StarostováE: pavlina.starostova@upol.czT: 585 636 262
secretaryOffice: NC 322

| academic staff

Petr Baďura, Ph.D.E: petr.badura@upol.czT: 585 636 257
Tomáš Brychta, Ph.D.E: tomas.brychta@upol.czT: 585 636 252
Marek HermanE: marek.herman@upol.czT: 585 636 532
Vladimír HobzaE: v.hobza@upol.czT: 585 636 257
Jana Hoffmannová, Ph.D.E: jana.hoffmannova@upol.czT: 585 636 251
Prof. Ivo Jirásek, Ph.D.E: ivo.jirasek@upol.czT: 585 636 103
Michal Kalman, Ph.D.E: michal.kalman@upol.czT: 585 636 153
Jaroslav KohoutekE: jaroslav.kohoutek@upol.czT: 585 636 260
Halina Kotíková, Ph.D.E: halina.kotikova@upol.czT: 585 636 258
Jiří KratochvílE: jiri.kratochvil@upol.czT: 585 636 270
Lukáš OndraE: lukas.ondra@upol.czT: 585 636 410
Jan Pavelka, Ph.D.E: jan.pavelka@upol.czT: 585 636 157
Zuzana PůžováE: zuzana.puzova@upol.czT: 585 636 153
Michal PetrE: m.petr@upol.czT: 585 636 532
Marek MaráčekE: marek.maracek@upol.czT: 585 636 260
David Másilka, Ph.D.E: david.masilka@upol.czT: 585 636 271
Miroslav RončákE: miroslav.roncak@upol.czT: 585 636 232
Rudolf RozsypalE: rudolf.rozsypal@upol.czT: 585 636 259
Adéla RůžičkováE: adela.ruzickova@upol.czT: 585 636 271
Eva Schwartzhoffová, Ph.D.E: eva.schwartzhoffova@upol.czT: 585 636 258
Martin Sigmund, Ph.D.E: martin.sigmund@upol.czT: 585 636 702
Jiří Skoumal, Ph.D.E: jiri.skoumal@upol.czT: 585 636 259
Luděk Šebek, Ph.D.E:  ludek.sebek@upol.czT: 585 636 251
Marcela Škvařilová, Ph.D.E: marcela.skvarilova@upol.czT: 585 636 252
Tomáš Valenta, Ph.D.E: tomas.valenta@upol.czT: 585 636 260
Michal Vičar, Ph.D.E: michal.vicar@upol.czT: 585 636 271

| Ph.D. students

Vladimír HobzaE:
Tomáš HolleinE:
Kristýna JanečkováE:
Martina KočerováE:
Jiří MališE:
Bac Van NguyenE:
Michal PetrE:
Na Dahn PhanE:
Zuzana PůžováE:
Miroslav RončákE:
Jakub SvobodaE:
Pavel ŠubaE:

Department of Social Sciences in Kinanthropology

The department provides classes and research in the field of Philosophical and Sociocultural Kinanthropology, Sport Psychology, Sport Pedagogy, Sociology, Philosophy, History of Physical Culture, Teaching Methods for Physical Education and Basics of Psychology, with the focus on general, developmental, personality, health and social psychology. It also guarantees language education at the faculty and conceptually develops other subjects of the theoretical and practical nature. Furthermore, the department secures the teaching practice for the Physical Education Teaching programme and the Teaching qualification module at the final exams. It is greatly involved in the concept and realization of both the full-time and combined forms of study of the doctoral programme, as well as the Coaching studies.

Department of Sport

The department is a traditional part of our faculty, which was born from what was previously called the Physical Education Institute of the university. It provides the students of the Physical Education Teaching for Secondary and High Schools, Physical Education and Sport, Coaching and Sport and Coaching and Sport Management programmes with Physical Education classes. It also guarantees both theoretical and practical training in sports such as athletics, gymnastics, swimming, martial arts or sports and physical games, and it organizes university championships in athletic events and rope climbing. Our research focuses on improving the efficiency of the teaching process, diagnosis of human motor skills and physical regimen optimization of different age groups.

Department Staff

Soňa Formánková, Ph.D.E: sona.formankova@upol.czT: 585 636 508
head of the departmentOffice: HY 207
Pavel Háp, Ph.D.E: pavel.hap@upol.czT: 585 636 515
deputy headOffice: HY 103
Jana SeidlováE: jana.seidlova@upol.czT: 585 636 502
secretaryOffice: HY 106A

| academic staff

| Ph.D. students

Ladislav Dragula E:
Tereza KrakovskáE:
Eliška MaixnerováE:
Matej PellaE:
Jiří Herbert ProcházkaE:
Václav RiedelE:
Matěj StrništěE:

BALUO Application Centre

BALUO Application Centre is a modern and in the Czech Republic unique science and technology park, combining research into movement and lifestyle with everyday life. The Centre includes a testing swimming pool with underwater cameras using special sensors monitoring the swimmers’ movement, thus allowing a deeper analysis of the underwater activities. The sensors also monitor the testing hall area. The Centre also offers its own ski simulator with adjustable angle and speed, a “smart” fitness centre or a climbing wall. What is more, a diagnostic studio of physical culture – or your body technical control station – is the crucial part of the innovative Centre. After discovering their current state, i.e. their starting point, a client can opt for the appropriate physical activity, or alternatively, we give them recommendations. Our clients can consult us about the physical activities they have chosen, as well as practise them in the Centre. We put emphasis on the individual needs of each client and performig all activities as part of a long-term programme.
The construction of the Centre was funded by the Operational programme Entrepreneurship and innovation.


Martin Sigmund, Ph.D.E: martin.sigmund@upol.czT: 585 636 702
DirectorOffice: BALUO AC
Tomáš JunekE: tomas.junek@upol.czT: 585 636 703
Business SpecialistOffice: BALUO AC
David PryclE: david.prycl@upol.czT: 585 636 717
Technology Transfer ManagerOffice: BALUO AC
David PokornýE: david.pokorny@upol.czT: 585 636 701
Fitness Centre ManagerOffice: BALUO AC

Reception desk

E: recepce@acbaluo.czT: 585 636 710

Institute of Active Lifestyle

The interdisciplinary scientific workplace is concerned with research into physical activity and inactivity in relation to the general lifestyle and health of Czech inhabitants. It has a coordinating and advisory role in monitoring physical activity for Central European countries. Employees of the Institute are involved in many research projects at both national and international levels and have access to the world's leading databases. The Institute guarantees classes of Methodology of Research, Statistics and Information Technology focusing on Kinanthropology. It is also responsible for the Acta Gymnica and Tělesná kultura (Physical Culture) journals and operates the online system The institute consist of the Centre for Kinanthropological Research and Centre for Physical Activity Support.

Institute Staff

Prof. Karel FrömelE: karel.fromel@upol.czT: 585 636 003
head of the instituteOffice: NB 319
Assoc. Prof. Josef Mitáš, Ph.D.E: josef.mitas@upol.czT: 585 636 745
deputy headOffice: NB 330M: 739 329 912
Hana PospíšilováE: hana.pospisilova@upol.czT: 585 636 462
secretaryOffice: NB 319M: 739 329 914

| academic staff

| technical staff

| Ph.D. students

Jana Pechová (Hodonská)E:
Lukáš JakubecE:
Filip KřenE:
Daniel MikeškaE:
Eliška RoubalováE:
Zuzana SvozilováE:
Adam ŠimůnekE:
Jaroslava VoráčováE:
Michal VorlíčekE:
Tomáš VyhlídalE:
Radim ŽatkaE: