Testing and measurements

General information

Faculty of Physical Culture has a variety of research devices at its disposal. Some of these are also suitable for testing both professional and leisure athletes, or even those who would like to start increasing their physical condition slowly. So why not take advantage of our equipment?

Our specialized laboratories (anthropometric, biomechanical and physiological) are equipped with modern instrumentation and are located within the faculty buildings.

What we offer to the public:

  • comparison of your current physical condition with the general population, as well as trained individuals,
  • evaluation of your physical condition,
  • reduction of body weight,
  • determining any deviations and anomalies in the growth and development of children,
  • detection of regressive changes during aging,
  • evaluation of the effects of the recommended dietary or movement intervention.

What we offer to athletes:

  • improving the training process on the basis of objective outcomes related to specific sports specialization and sports performance.

The diagnosis includes:

  • testing in a specialized laboratory,
  • detailed professional processing of the results
  • interpretation of the results by qualified personnel, providing a written report,
  • recommendations to improve, correct or maintain current condition.

Anthropometric laboratory

Contact person: doc. RNDr. Miroslava Přidalová, Ph.D., E: miroslava.pridalova@upol.cz, T: +420 585 636 158

Anthropometric measurements are used to assess the development of an individual, and the prediction of further development trends. They include the following tests:

  • determination of biological age, proportionality and prediction of the final body height
  • determination of body composition through somatotype
  • body composition
  • assessment of muscle imbalances
  • determination of bone density

Stress Physiology Laboratory

Contact person: PhDr. Michal Botek, Ph.D., E: michal.botek@upol.cz, T: +420 585 636 154

Stress tests:

  • Maximal stress test
  • CHR test
  • W170 test

Nutritional Counselling:

  • for overweight or obese people
  • for athletes

Examination of the activity of the autonomic nervous system

Simulations of higher altitude (normobaric hypoxia)

Biomechanical laboratory

Contact person: Mgr. Zdeněk Svoboda, Ph.D., E: zdenek.svoboda@upol.cz, T: +420 585 636 414

Force measurements in different modes of muscle contraction:

  • isokinetic force muscle measurement
  • isometric force muscle measurement
  • vertical jump measurement

Speed measurements:

  • reaction and speed of a simple movement test
  • test battery for the analysis of speed-power capabilities

Biomechanical measurements:

  • analysis of the pressure distribution on the foot in contact with the mat
  • test of stability (balance) in static and dynamic situations
  • kinematic analysis - 3D videography, optoelectronic systems