International Cooperation

In the area of international cooperation, the Faculty of Physical Culture is the most active kinanthropological faculty in the Czech Republic. The faculty has supported international mobilities of students and teachers since 1998. Currently, these mobilities are carried out mainly under the European ERASMUS+ programme with partnership agreements with more than 60 institutions in over 20 countries. Each year, the faculty hosts over 40 international students and about 80 students go abroad for study and work placements.

The faculty has also had a history of cooperation with higher education institutions in North America and Asia. These partner institutions include for example the University of Alberta and Camosun College, Canada; University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA; Nippon Sport Science University, Japan; Shangai University of Sport, Hangzhou Normal University and Beijing Sport University, China; Zinman College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the Wingate Institute, Israel. Thanks to the partnership with these institutions, exchanges of students and academic staff are organized each year. Twice a year (in winter and summer term) the faculty organizes an event called the International Teaching Week, during which international lecturers come under mobility programmes and give lectures.

The faculty runs accredited courses in English. In the follow-up Master’s study they include the following fields of study: Adapted Physical Activity, Physical Activity and Active Living. In the doctoral degree programme this includes the field of study of Kinanthropology.

During 2005-2016 the faculty in cooperation with KU Leuven in Belgium, Norwegian Sport Science University Oslo, Norway and University of Limerick, Ireland offered an international study programme Erasmus Mundus Master in Adapted Physical Activity. In 2015 this study programme was replaced by International Master in Adapted Physical Activity, which is organized in cooperation with KU Leuven in Belgium.

For a long time the faculty has been involved in prestigious international research projects aimed at monitoring of physical activity and healthy lifestyle. These projects include for example the IPEN project and HBSC study.
IPEN project is a coordinated research study aimed at the built environment, physical activity, sedentary lifestyle and obesity. FPC PU is the coordinating institution for the Czech Republic. The objective of the HBSC study is to monitor health and health-related behaviour in schoolchildren in their social contexts and to deepen the understanding of the mechanisms influencing the differences and changes in children’s risk behaviour during their transition from childhood to adolescence. FPC PU is the coordinating institution for the Czech Republic.