We Students from Neředín: Juan Cuerva Gámez

friday 25. january 2019, 10:00 – Text: Tereza Kučerová

Juan Cuerva Gámez came to our faculty from Pablo de Olavide University in Seville, Spain, where he is studying Sport Science. He loves partying, meeting new people, improving at foreign languages, sports and travelling – which made Olomouc the best option for his Erasmus!


Why did you choose our university for your Erasmus study experience?

I visited the Czech Republic last year and I really liked it. The culture is nice and it has a great location for travelling around Europe. Also a friend of mine recommended me this destination. He told me that the university is cool and the city is very beautiful and not too big. There are also people organising Erasmus events and you know all Erasmus people, we are like a big family.


Were your expectations different from the reality?

Not really, you need to have an open mind when you are Erasmus student. You should try to enjoy the time to the maximum and meet all the people you can from other countries to learn about other cultures and improve your English. Of course, there will be parties and amazing trips!


Can you compare your study experience in Olomouc with the experience from your home university?

It is different. A home university is nice, especially if you have to move from your hometown and live in a different city, but when you are Erasmus student, the attitude of people and yours also changes because you are living a unique experience in a different country and maybe doing things that you have never done before. There is a good atmosphere where everybody is connected and you have to learn as much as you can. It is magic, lots of feelings in your mind!


What were some of the biggest challenges you had to overcome as an Erasmus student?

Perhaps at first, when you are only by yourself and have to manage all things speaking in a different language, but it is about getting used to. The same happens when you need to get involved with new people.


How did you spend your free time?

Mainly hanging out with people, travelling around, doing some sports and playing games.


What is the single most memorable experience you have from your Erasmus life?

It is impossible to choose a single one. In fact, I have a single special one for each wonderful person I met, each incredible trip I made during the semester and each Monday and Wednesday party in Olomouc.


Have you changed because of your Erasmus experience?

Totally, I have become wiser and more mature because all the experiences I have lived there. I have learnt a lot from the international people I met and I also have to mention great teachers that taught me many new things. Of course, I have improved my English and other languages as well as learnt to manage better by myself.


How can this experience benefit your future career?

In many ways! Having studied abroad is better to get a job because it means that you have more experience and different points of view. Also you had different courses abroad and so you can teach diverse things. If you want to create your own business, you have more information and more ideas. You open your mind and you no longer worry about working in another country or with foreign people.


Would you recommend the study at the Faculty of Physical Culture, Palacký University Olomouc to your friends? Why?

Totally yes! It is a professional university in a beautiful city where you can do a lot of things. There is an amazing student atmosphere! Its location is so useful for travelling and the Czech Republic is an inexpensive country, you would be able to do more things with the same amount of money. Don’t think twice about it!


If you had to describe your Erasmus experience in Olomouc using 5 adjectives, which ones would you use?

Unforgettable, productive, unique, magic and lovely.


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