Faculty of Physical Culture moves and modernises its workplaces

Photo: Martin Višňa
wednesday 27. june 2018, 9:38 – Text: Martin Višňa

The UP Faculty of Physical Culture (FPC) has undertaken the long and difficult task of moving and renovating their facilities. The recently completed building of the Centre for Kinanthropological Research is gradually being occupied, while the fifth floor of the teachers’ building, faculty building C in the Neředín campus, is being refurbished.

The new building of the Centre for Kinanthropological Research was erected during 2017 in the place of a former military laundry in close proximity to the BALUO Application Centre, and together they form a state-of-the-art environment for the faculty’s research projects and the application of their findings into practice. The magnanimous premises will host laboratories and the offices of the Department of Natural Sciences in Kinanthropology and the Active Lifestyle Institute from the beginning of the new academic year. “This will allow us to move the headquarters of the Department of Physiotherapy closer to the RRR Centre (Centre for Treatment of Painful Conditions and Movement Disorders), and also to move the Department of Sport from the Hynaisova street in the centre to the Neředín campus. Things will be topsy-turvy for a while, but I believe we’ll make it, and the conditions for our work will be significantly improved,” said Dean Michal Šafář at the meeting of the faculty’s academic community.

Along with moving, the first stage of the project “Modernisation of the FPC buildings in Olomouc-Neředín”, thanks to which the faculty will receive a modern educational infrastructure for students and teachers corresponding to the 21st century. During the summer of 2018, classrooms on the fifth floor in the faculty building C will be completely renovated. “The work should be finished by the end of August, so the classrooms will be available in September. The reconstruction of the auditorium and other spaces in the Dean’s Office building will take place next year in the same season,” added the dean.

Needless to say, construction workers were regularly seen at the faculty premises even before the commencement of present construction works. The premises of the RRR Centre were renovated and modernised at a cost of €80,000, and opened at the beginning of the summer term.