2018 Olomouc Summer School – Faculty of Physical Culture program

Duration: 3 weeks
Dates: July 16 – August 5 2018
Place: Faculty of Physical Culture, Palacký University Olomouc
Address: trida Miru 117, Olomouc, 77111, Czech Republic
Application deadline: May 20, 2018
Applicants will be informed of their acceptance by June 15, 2018

Tuition fee: 1290 EUR

Tuition fee covers participation in the courses including social programme:

  • transfer from and to the Prague airport;
  • accommodation;
  • meals (excluding the meals during a 3-day outdoor camp);
  • 42 hours of classes directly related to a healthy lifestyle;
  • 14 hours of English classes;
  • one-week swimming block (5 intensive hours);
  • 3-day outdoor sports camp;
  • 3 cultural and sightseeing trips (Vienna, Bouzov Castle, Prague);
  • a tour of the historical centre of Olomouc;
  • free access to a fitness centre/swimming pool (in allocated times);
  • presentation of the diagnostic equipment of the AC Baluo research centre (testing of basic indicators of physical fitness and healthy lifestyle, measurement of anthropometric parameters, assumption of growth, determination of biological age, test of explosive force of lower limbs, assessment of muscle imbalances, examination of autonomic nervous system activity - heart rate variability).


Travel information

In case of the participants from the same institution / university – participants will be picked up at the Prague airport and accompanied from the airport to the accommodation facility and back. Preferably, participants from the same institution should travel together to ensure smoother organization.

Contact information

Ms Tereza Kučerová
e-mail: tereza.kucerova@upol.cz
office: NA 404
phone: +420 585 636 046

About Faculty of Physical Culture

Palacký University Olomouc, founded in 1573, is the second oldest university in the Czech Republic (after Charles University, Prague). The Faculty of Physical Culture is its second youngest faculty (founded in 1991).

The Faculty provides Bachelor, Master and Doctoral study programs related to sports, physical activity, active lifestyle, and human motion & health. The number of students is more than two thousand in full-time and part-time studies and in certified and lifelong study programs.

Over a few decades of its existence, the Faculty has become the best of sport faculties in the Czech Republic thanks to outstanding results in research and its publishing, as well as in internationalization and in evaluation of its students (competition “Faculty of the Year/Sports”).

The Faculty Institute of Active Lifestyle focuses on physical activity and health viewed from various aspects and in all stages of life. Much professional respect is enjoyed thanks to success of its research teams in projects competitions. Every year, grant projects on national and international level (Czech Scientific Agency, EU funds, NIH grants from US, International Visegrad Fund, etc.) are realized here. New campus of the Faculty, including schoolrooms, halls of residence, catering centre, and centre for applied research BALUO, has grown on the outskirts of Olomouc, a few tram stops (10 minutes) from the historical city centre.

The Application Centre BALUO is the first in Central Europe, creating the base for development and innovation of industrial production designed to promote physical activity among whole population and the base for the development of a healthy lifestyle. It is a vision and implementation of a unique model for activity and performance enhancement that will fuel sport excellence, build a healthier population and develop role models to inspire physical literacy. This paradigm focuses on the management, leadership and science of sport and wellness through an emphasis on innovation, technology and research.

How to Apply

Please complete the Application Form, read the Terms and Conditions carefully (pay special attention to part 4) and send the signed document to Ms. Tereza Kučerová (tereza.kucerova@upol.cz).

How to Pay

Account number: 43-3855090287/0100
Variable code: 995118001
IBAN: CZ9801000000433855090287
Purpose of payment: FTK UP – Summer school 2018

Upon payment, the participant shall send the confirmation of payment to Ms Tereza Kučerová (tereza.kucerova@upol.cz).

Payment details to download

Who can Apply

The Summer School is intendeded for bachelor and master students and intends to support them in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. It offers students the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, to present their partial assignments throughout their short-term projects, to discuss problems, to obtain advice from experts and to build up networks.

Minimum number of participants: 20
Maximum number of participants: 30
: English

Leisure Time Activities

Aims and Topics

The Summer School 2018 is intended for those of you who are interested in all subject linked to physical activity, healthy lifestyle and sport. These subjects cover a broad area, which allows experts and students to share experience and expertise in their respective fields of interest related to above mentioned areas. During the last decades, physical activities, healthy lifestyle issues and sport have played an increasing role in the public health sector, at least in Western countries. Sport for all and elite sport are in the centre of public attention, both promising benefits for individuals and societies. Health, fitness and well-being, as well as education and social integration, entertainment, national presentation and identity are some of the assets which are currently discussed in connection with physical activities and sport. However, it is an open question if and under what conditions physical activity, sport and health-related lifestyle changes can meet these expectations.

The Summer School provides a space to exchange ideas and knowledge about current tendencies, trends and “hot issues” as well as to share information on research, theories and methods.

The Summer School will provide a forum, which enables communication, networks and cooperation among the participants, students as well as lectures.

List of Courses

English language
Monitoring and evaluation of physical activity
Physical fitness testing
Management in physical activity
Counselling in active lifestyle
Outdoor sports camp
Czech Folk Dances and Traditions
Wellness and fitness
Nutrition and lifestyle
Special education and disability studies


A certificate of attendance will be delivered to each participant.